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Our Story

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My name is Camille and I am the owner of Divine Equine. I started my alternative healing journey with myself and my horses in 2009 when a close family member was diagnosed with cancer. My family took a very alternative approach to battling his cancer and that is what sparked my interest in alternative therapies for both me and my horses. 

 It was the fall of 2018; I was at a competition with my horse. It started to rain so they postponed the race for a little bit until the storms passed. I decided to use this time to have this horse treated with a PEMF machine, this was a first for both of us. Shortly after that session I got her ready to compete. Warming her up and taking her into the arena for our run was something I have never felt with this horse. She was calm and completely at ease. This horse was so athletic, but her nerves were always holding her back. It was after that I started doing research and looking for a PEMF machine to use in the starting of my traveling rehab business. I chose Magna Wave because it is a family-owned company, their machines are all made in the USA, the training they put their Certified practitioners through is extensive and very in-depth. They have a great continuing education program, and their customer service is outstanding. I have personally healed my own herniated disc in my neck with this machine. The MRI doesn't lie, even though every doctor told me the only fix to a herniation is surgery. 

Over the years I have worked with a number of different alternative therapy modalities and the ones I offer are the ones I believe in and have personally seen success with. 

In October 2020 my husband and I purchased our farm in Cannon Falls, MN with the vision that one day I would be operating Divine Equine on our beautiful 20 acres. I am so excited that after 20+ years in the horse business doing rehabilitation, training, competing, breeding and foaling that I can finally say Divine Equine is open for business. We can't wait to work with you and your equine partner. 

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