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EPM & Whole Gut Health

This EPMSD is a 90-day program for your horse. Whether they have EPM or not, this is a great product for whole body, whole gut health for your horse. This product dispels the protozoans that cause EPM by interfering with the nitric oxide metabolization, resets the gut and digestive tract to resolve ulcerations while increasing digest-ability and is used as a full body detox, regenerates damaged nerve cells plus pathways from the brain as well as soft tissues and bone. 1 bucket is the 90-day program supply. 

Helps to Support:

Normal Physical & Mental Performance

Cell Function & Cellular Health.

The Protective Layers of the Gut.

Healthy & Normal Bowel / Digestion function. 

Normal Stomach PH.

Circulatory & Cardiac Muscle function.

Reproductive function & capacity

Respiratory Health, Lung function & Oxygen Utilization.  Normal Stamina & Endurance

Skin Health

Helps to Maintain:

Blood Glucose levels within Normal Range.

Strong Bones.

Healthy Joints & Connective Tissue.

A Healthy Intestinal Tract.

A Normal Inflammatory Response. 

Normal Histamine Response.

Helps to Promote:

Muscle Integrity and Definition.

Optimal Urinary Tract Health.

Cellular Reproduction.

Normal Detoxification.

Because we have firsthand experience on the miracles this works on horses, we decided to become a distributer of this product. Please contact us with questions and to get yourself a bucket at 507-210-5056.

Each 90-day supply is $199.99 (shipping not included).

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