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Using a combination of the therapy services offered at Divine Equine, we can get your horse get on the road to recovery faster. Reach out to us regarding your situation and we can design a plan that will help accelerate your horses healing.

Post Colic Surgery

Video shown: Post Colic care. Check the Rehab page for the benefits of the MagnaWave.

Wound Care

Image shown: Deep tear in hip muscle from a fence. Horse was Magna Waved every day for 26 days and was returned to work and competition with no limitations. Top left: Day 1 - Bottom right: Day 26

Post Kissing Sping Surgery

If your horse went through Kissing Spine surgery, we can help aid in their recovery and get them back to the arena. With Magna Wave sessions following surgery, we can help minimize scar tissue, stimulate the nerves to grow back and not cause future issues, reduce internal pain and inflammation and minimize the amount of swelling and use of pain medication post-surgery. The most common side effect of Kissing Spine surgery within the first 14 days is infection at the surgical site. Magna Wave helps to create happy and healthy cells and tissues, which can minimize the chance for infection. Our program for horses who have gone through this surgery is to get them strong again. Our workout program once okayed by the vet, consists of back lifting and strengthening exercises to create a strong top line.  

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